What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Rainwater had stained our ceilings before but this time the ceiling, walls and window area was clearly wet. SERVPRO of West Covina came out right away even though it was a Saturday and got us taken care of. Thank you!!

Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Extremely satisfied with service.

It rained briefly but hard enough to leak into our family room and soak half of it. Ryan and his techs helped calm us down when they got right to work in cleaning up the damage. They were very knowledgeable & we would definitely call them again if needed.

Those Santa Anas! We never know when they will kick up but when they do they can rip through anything in its path. Before we could make the repairs, we had SERVPRO tarp the giant hole on our roof right in time as that night a rainstorm came through.

Strong Santa Ana Winds blew our fence over and ripped shingles right off our roof. The following week the rain came right in and leaked through into our bedroom. Ryan came out and his crew helped to get all the repairs made. So grateful for their help!

These recent rains left our floors soaked, walls damp and even our ceilings wet. Thank you for coming right away to make the much needed repairs SERVPRO!